How To Prioritise Your To Do List In 30 Seconds

Struggling to know what to focus on? Here’s something that might help.

priority flow

Why is it a picture of my notebook?

Making it into a fancy graphic wasn’t the most impactful thing I could do.

This is part 3 in a series of posts about time, productivity and getting more done. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 or sign up for future parts of the series.


  • Sherryl Wilson

    So simple but true! I had just heard at a convention to have 2 columns on my TODO list..things that result in an income and those that don’ the income side first

    • Rob Young

      Sounds good Sherryl, however you prioritise, just make sure you do!

  • Mohit Tater

    Simple, but genius!

    • Rob Young

      Thanks Mohit, much appreciated.

  • Nayar Ali

    awesome, i now have a plagiarised copy on my wall haha keeping me motivated and moving forward

    • Rob Young

      Brilliant – love that – it’s great to have a constant reminder to keep you focussed right?

      • Nayar Ali

        Yeah, Definitely.

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  • Tom Ewer

    You should sell this as a poster Rob!

    • Rob Young

      Thanks Tom, good Idea!

      I wonder if that’s the most impactful thing I could do at the moment though – might have to be a later tonight activity :-)