5 Steps To More Progress With Your Business

fiveLast week, we completed a series of five posts about getting more done when your time is limited.

One post for each of the 5 steps in the coaching framework I’ve developed for clients who want to kick start their progress.

Here’s a short insight into the framework, so you can create your own plan, and set yourself up for big progress. Even if you cannot, there are business plan services  to back you up.

I’ve included links to the posts, and there’s an extra, bonus downloadable version of all the steps at the end.

Ready? Here we go.

Step 1 — Find some time

This is often the hardest part. Finding time to actually work on your business. Not time to read about business, or do training, or think about ideal clients. Time to actually get your hands dirty and do the work.

Clients who have a full time job usually need help squeezing time out of their schedule. Business owners often need help finding time to work on their business, rather than in it.

The good news is that with the right focus you need less than you might think to make a huge difference. This post has 10 ways to make more time for your business.

If you want just one tip: schedule the time in your calendar and stick to it rigidly.

Step 2 — Do What Matters 

If you’re only going to do one of these 5 steps, make it this one.

The amount of time you dedicate to your business is IRRELEVANT if you’re not doing what matters.

Focus only on the things which make a difference, and ignore everything else.

Here’s what matters for your business right now, whatever stage you’re at.

This step in one tip: put engaging with your customers at the top of your to do list.

Step 3 — Now and Next

Plans are great, but we can so easily get behind when time is limited. Keep yourself on track and motivated by having a clear number one task to complete at all times.

What should that one thing be? Use this handy flowchart to figure it out.

This step really is one tip: do the most impactful things first.

Step 4 — Be Productive

Once you know what matters and you’re working on the most important thing you can, it’s time to focus and get that thing done. An hour spent productively will beat the hell out of a day browsing facebook.

10 obvious and more subtle tips can be found in this post on Medium, about being productive in the time you have.

This step in one tip: use my favourite method – it’s pretty simple:

  • Have your work set up ready before you start
  • Switch off all distractions
  • Just F***ing Do It – no excuses

 Step 5 — Create your Big Vision Plan

While you’re immediate plan can consist of just Now and Next, you’ll find things much easier to get done if you can see where they’re going to take you.

If you’ve created a map which shows you how to get to your destination, you’re much more likely to follow it, and readjust where necessary, rather than spin around in circles trying anything and everything.

Readjusting is part of the plan too — forget plans that rigidly lay out 6 months of work and are then outdated within a day. Create one which guides you and evolves as you learn. Here’s how.

One tip for the big vision plan: decide on your version of success now, and work towards it.

That’s it. 5 steps to kickstart your progress and put you on track to make great things happen.

I’ve put together a free pdf guide with more about the five step framework – just click below to download this exclusive bonus guide.

Exclusive Bonus – Download this free guide to the 5 steps process and create your own plan easily.

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