We’re Launching On Friday

Here’s a little more preview of what’s coming up on THDC on Friday, just for those of you who are part of the inner circle of The hundred Dollar Club.

This programme has been brewing for a long time, and I’m excited to finally get it out into the world. It started because I began to notice some common themes as I worked with more and more people in THDC.

I noticed, that with almost everyone, lack of knowledge wasn’t holding them back. Most THDCers have a pretty good idea of the technical, or tactical things they needed to do to progress.

And, actually, where someone is lacking the knowledge, there are tonnes of free resources, and some excellent courses out there to provide the “how-to” info that they need.

In fact, this is what held me back for a long time from creating any kind of training programme or course – there are so many great ones out there, the world doesn’t need another “how to start your business” course.

But here’s what I’ve seen. It might sound harsh, but:

People have the information they need, but they just aren’t able to put it to effective use.

This has played out time and time again. I’ve seen it so often, both in THDC and in other groups I’m part of.

When I first started THDC, I thought there was a pretty simple remedy to the problem:

Explain the benefits of taking action, convince people that should get on and do it, and then help keep them accountable to act.

In other words, tell people to “just do it” and then hold their feet to the fire so that they do.

Not that subtle, but to be honest, it worked. It actually worked well for quite a lot of people.

The thing is though, it’s not a sure-fire solution. In fact, it’s off putting enough that they just bail on any commitment, and move on. There are all sorts of other things going on in people’s heads, which mean simply holding them to account to do what they “should” just doesn’t cut it.

Top of the list is ironically overwhelm from too much knowledge, too many things which “should” be done and not enough time.

This is closely followed by second guessing and self-sabotage: “Am I doing the right thing? What it it doesn’t work? Am I good enough to do this?

It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to deal with these tricky problems.  The logical part of me had a hard time accepting it was more difficult than “just doing it”.

But through working with a lot of people struggling with the same things, I figured out a way to help people through it consistently.

Actually, I figured out a way to help people help themselves through it, which it turns out is much better in so many ways.

Now, at this point I’m having to hold myself back a bit – because I sound like I’m selling some miracle cure to help people achieve whatever they want. I think you know me well enough by now to know that I’m not in the miracle cure, get rich quick kind of business.

So let’s get real here – I’m not selling miracles, but if you use the stuff that I’m going to teach in the programme, it might well feel like you’ve discovered your own panacea.

I’m not holding back for a big reveal. Here’s what worked for to solve all that overwhelm, time pressure and self doubt:

I worked with people to break down their goals into manageable projects, and then helped them create a plan to make each project happen.

Does that sound like a rocket science miracle cure? No.

Does it work? Yes.

And frankly because it’s not rocket science you’ll have an easier time believing that I can teach you how to do it in 30 days, which is how long the programme will run for.

It’s taking the blunt object oh holding someone accountable to “just do it” and honing it into a sharpened tool to tackle any job.

I’ll talk in depth about exactly what we’ll cover when I officially launch this thing on Friday, but it’s designed to help you go from:

  • A state of overwhelm to one of clarity
  • Self doubt and questioning your ability, to being confident that you’re doing the right things
  • Feeling like you don’t have enough time to knowing that you’re using the time you have to maximum effect.

It’s going to help you with:

  • Direction
  • Focus and clarity
  • Effective use of your time
  • Confidence in your own ability

There will be a mixture of live training, written materials, homework and live Q&A sessions, but above all it’s going to be interactive , fun and based around a community.

If you want to look back on 2015 and see the genuine progress you’ve made, rather than see another year of standing still, you’re going to want to at least check this out when it launches on Friday.

And if you’re thinking that it sounds great, but is probably going to be out of your budget – don’t. Because this will be the first run of the programme, I’m going to be offering it at a pretty serious discount – make sure you check back for that.

So, if you’re not already getting emails from THDC, click below, and the next email you’ll get, on Friday, will have details of how to secure you place on the programme.

Until then…