Real Founders – Karen Marston On Building A Business That Supports Your Lifestyle

We all love a good business success story.

Who doesn’t? They make you feel great, give you a sense of optimism and get you pumped up to make things happen in your business.

For a while.

Then you start to think more. You look at all the advantages the person in the success story had.  You might hear their stories of failure along the way, but it’s always “the best thing that ever happened to them”.

You think about all the reasons they had it easy and why it would be different for you.

I love a success story as much as anyone, but I can’t deny feeling like this about a lot of the ones I see.

This interview with Karen Marston from Untamed Writing is different.

A good story should leave you feeling “Yeah, I could do something like that”. It should leave you thinking about the possibilities and itching to start.

Karen does that.

It’s very real, very down to earth, and ultimately a great story. Karen isn’t celebrating some big business milestone or doing a huge PR push for an upcoming launch, she’s just created a successful business that’s grown from zero in two years. I wanted her to tell some of that story.

Here are 35 minutes of us chatting about all kinds of things over a cup of coffee.

In the video we talk about

  • How Karen took just two months to be able to quit her job after starting Untamed Writing
  • How she found the first clients for her freelance writing business and made it take off
  • How she’s tripled her prices and sold out her online course multiple times in a year

and lots more.

Links that get a mention:

Her guest post on Location 180

What do you think of Karen’s Story? Have you got questions for Karen? Leave them in the comments if you do…