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The Hundred Dollar club is build around 3 principles:

  • Action

  • Accountability

  • Support

These come together in our community which runs on Facebook and is totally free to join. It’s where the action happens.

Our community is governed by one rule:

The One Rule Of The Hundred Dollar Club: Take Action

Expect to progress by doing, not by watching others.  You will only achieve things through real world action. Doing one thing is better than thinking one hundred. Test yourself against this one rule frequently.  The club members should police this one rule vigorously.

We also have three guidelines to keep the conversations flowing in the right direction:

1 – Plan to give more than you get.

Put in more than you take out. Be generous with the people here, and it will pay dividends. You’ll learn and grow more too. When everyone plays this way, everyone gets more.

2 – Be constructive

Or put another way be nice, but be honest. Saying everything is “super awesome” even if you think it’s not, does not help. But don’t just trash something – explain your thoughts and how it could be better.  Think how you’d want to hear what you have to say.

3 – Please don’t pitch

This speaks for itself. We’re all for being confident in our ideas, but self promotion is for other place.

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