Are You Doing Anything About Your Dreams?

canstockphoto24041060Self improvement is fashionable. It seems all over the internet there is talk of following your passion, doing what makes you happy and changing your life for the better.

It seems everyone has a dream of doing better, and every other person you meet has an idea to start their own company. Books like the Four Hour Work Week have people drooling and dreaming of living a life on their own terms.

There’s even a whole industry of people making a living without a job, from telling other people how to make a living without a job.

I don’t have anything against that. But there’s a big problem:

Only a tiny percentage of people who get inspired will actually do the work, take the risks and make the change happen in their life.

There are plenty of dreamers, and not enough doers.

Training videos are watched, and then forgotten. eBooks are downloaded, but kept for reading “when there’s more time”. Domain names are purchased, but sit with a “coming soon” message forever.

The air at my favourite conference is full of “I’ll do it”. For a lot of people, this quickly fades to “as soon as I’ve” and then to “someday I’ll” and finally to “I wish I’d”.

Do you ever catch yourself saying:

When I have more time

When I’ve learned more about it

When I have my finances in check

When I’ve got the right idea

When I’ve got all the steps figured out

Or something similar?

Fair enough. These are all rational, sensible and logical statements. In reality though they’re excuses.

They are what hold back 99% of the people who want to build something better for themselves. Because they all defer action.

The comfortable world that most of us exist in is just too comfortable, and it’s too easy to make excuses to keep things just as they are.  And this pisses me off.

Not because everyone has to be an entrepreneur or business owner, but because the gap between what people dream of and what they actually do is a waste.

That’s what makes me angry. The waste of talent, happiness and potential.

I genuinely think some major problems could be solved by all the dreamers if only they’d actually do something about their dreams. If they’d only put as much effort into making their dreams real as they did bemoaning their situation.

But while this makes me angry, it’s understandable.

It’s understandable, because dreaming’s easy, but action is HARD. Action is WORK. Dreaming is recreation.

Yes, you do need a dream. You need that target, goal or destination. But you need more than that.

Martin Luther King had a lot more than the dream in his famous address. A steely determination to make things happen was probably a damn sight more important, but not as good a slogan. I’m sure lots of other people had a similar dream at the time, and how come we’ve never heard of them?

Because: Action.

You can’t buy action for $197 in 3 downloadable PDFs. You can’t watch it on TED. You can’t read it in a book. You have to take it yourself.

It’s the difference between a wannabe and an On-the-way-to-be. (And being an On-the-way-to-be is sooo much cooler than a wannabe.)

It’s the difference between standing still, and already being on the way to your destination.

OK, I know you get this. So why have I gone to all this lengths to tell you something so obvious? To tell you that nothing gets done unless you do it? To talk about the cliche of imperfect action?

Well quite simply, because it IS obvious, but it doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should.

I find myself dreaming and planning and not doing too. This is a reminder to us all do it, and see what happens. There really aren’t any tricks or hacks – just putting one foot in front of the other and doing things.




  • Teresa Roberts

    Well, I was ‘going’ to DO something, but I read this awesome motivational piece instead! haha. Only half kidding. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your posts; they are so simple, yet refreshingly different! Thank you for always providing kindling for the fire under our ass’!

    • Rob Young

      Thanks Teresa, glad you;re enjoying the posts. Hope you got the time to DO somethign too…

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