Win a Ticket for WDS 2014 AND a Life-Changing Bundle of Swag (Seriously)



Update: Winner Announced!

It’s done – the WDS ticket contest has closed, the winner has been selected.

So, you probably just want to know who the winner is, right? Well wonder no longer, it is:

Taylor Cocalis 

Taylor runs the website, and increased her chance of winning by sharing the contest far and wide. She’s also promised to keep everyone up to date with the experience of the prize, which will be great I know.

OK. I guess that means that you probably didn’t win. What could you do instead?

  • I’d love to have you in The Hundred Dollar Club  - It’s growing community of entrepreneurs, change makers and general good guys and girls, all supporting and encouraging each other to do great things. Click here to join, there’s no charge.
  • Go visit the sites of people who put together the prize – links below. They are all awesome. Tell them THDC sent you and they’ll treat you right.
  • Get yourself a ticket for WDS anyway – Official tickets are here, but I know there is a great deal to be done here if you’re quick.
  • Check out my coaching. It would be my pleasure  to work with any of you, and I’d love to help you make the change you’re working on.



In 2012 Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit changed my life.

The following year I even spoke on stage at WDS, about The Hundred Dollar Club.

I thought nothing would keep me from attending in 2014. I was excited for it a year in advance. But there was one thing I didn’t factor in: my unborn child making an entrance. On the same weekend. As great as WDS is, the birth of my second child should probably take priority. Which means…

I won’t be going this year, so I want it to change your life instead.

That’s right. I can’t use my ticket, so I want you to have it. As well as a whole truckload of other fantastic stuff, donated by fellow WDS attendees.

I’ve put together a package of incredible prizes from people I’ve become friends with through WDS. On top of the WDS ticket, these tools have the power to completely transform your life. If you’re looking for inspiration to change your life, travel the world, start your own business, well — this is it. In one insanely ridiculous package.

You heard right: I’m going to give it all away, along with my ticket, to the winner of a simple contest. Here’s what’s included:

One lucky winner will receive:

  • One ticket to WDS 2014 in Portland, Oregon on 11-13 July 2014

The main event. Your chance to experience the WDS magic first hand, over one glorious weekend in Portland. This ticket alone should cost $500.

Marianne’s bestselling book (now translated into 4 languages) will help you escape your career cage and get paid to be you (without living on baked beans for a year).

Learn what it takes to build your own highly profitable online business, doing what you love, what you are already good at and what people will pay you for. Natalie is world-renowned for growing businesses while living out of a suitcase, so she knows a thing or two about location independence.

Maybe you’ve already got your own business but it’s not getting the results you want. Gretchen’s kit will show you how you can make a simple strategy for your business and achieve the goals that actually contribute to your vision.

Perhaps you don’t want to start a business — but what about landing a more fulfilling job? With this kit AND a one hour 1-on-1 consultation, you’ll have a LinkedIn profile that’s the envy of your competition. Whether you want a new job or better visibility for your brand, Jenny has you covered (and a way with naming things, wouldn’t you say?).

Courtney’s fun, simple and accessible guides, will give you get you started with your own micro business or blog. These guides pack a lot of info into them and have easy to follow actionable steps which will have you up an running in no time.

If you need some motivation to turn your life around, you need to talk to Nicole. Because if Nicole can’t get you moving… maybe you’re a rock? This 60-minute tough love, no-nonsense breakthrough coaching session isn’t available to buy at any price — I’ve had to persuade Nicole to offer it as a special prize for this contest. (You’re welcome, by the way.)

Do you want to become a freelance writer? And quickly? Good thing there’s a place on Karen’s course with your name on it. Not interested in becoming a writer? Then you need Karen’s help even more: she’ll work with you to craft the dreaded About page for your new biz instead.

Darlene Hildebrandt’s course will teach you to become a better photographer, which can be more than handy when starting up a new business. (It’s also useful for other stuff too, I hear.)

I’ll help you make sense of all this brilliant new information, and make sure you follow through with actually making real changes in your life. Because inspiration is good… but it’s nothing without action.

And, phew, that’s it. So that’s one ticket to WDS, one book, one guide, two toolkits, four courses and seven coaching sessions. All for nothing. If you bought all this, it would cost in excess of $1500.

So what do you have to do to win? Just click below and enter your name and email. Really, it’s that simple.

Enter Now!

For an even bigger chance of winning, spread the word!

So what are you waiting for?

Enter now!

Some small(ish) print:

  • You need to be available to go to WDS in Portland, Oregon on 11-13 July 2014.
  • Travel to and from Portland, accommodation, food, micro brew beer, Voodoo donuts and other expenses are NOT covered. For WDS, the prize is the ticket only.
  • The prizes are not transferable to another person, they’re for the winner only.
  • The contest closes at midnight UK time on Friday 25 April, and I’ll announce the winner here soon after that.
  • The judge’s decision is final (that’s me, folks).

Good luck, and remember — the more you share, the better your chances!


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