Do You Wish You Had The Time To Give Your Business The Focus It Deserves?

Want to get laser focused, be insanely productive and build a step-by-step plan to profitability --- without burning out from overwork?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably a business owner.

Or maybe you have an an idea for a business that’s has been gnawing away at you for some time.

You’ve probably also got a job, and a bunch of commitments. You’ve maybe got a family who rely on you to support them.

The one thing you don’t have is enough time to work on your business.

You know your business could be great if only you could give it the time it deserves.

You’re frustrated.

Frankly, that’s about as frustrating as it gets.

You know that you could leave your job behind, if only you could focus on your business. But you can’t leave your job, because your business can’t support you financially yet. And your business can’t support you, because your job doesn’t leave you enough time to work on it.

It’s a catch 22, and you’re stuck for how to break the cycle.

You probably identify with at least one of these feelings:

  • You’re trapped in a cycle of not enough time to make the progress you want
  • You feel like you’re playing at your business, and not doing it justice
  • You’re taking one step forward and two backwards because you’re not progressing as fast as you’d like
  • You know you could make huge progress if only you just had more time
  • If you only had $X amount then you could be free of your job and give your business the focus it deserves

When you do get to work on your business you find yourself:

  • Taking a while to get into the groove, and then having to stop mid flow because you’ve run out of time
  • Sometimes being amazingly productive, but other times struggling for motivation and getting frustrated
  • Overwhelmed by the sheer scale of things you could do for your business – things you feel you need to do to make it work
  • Confused about where to focus your time

Maybe you sometimes feel like it's all just is a waste of time

Believe me - I feel your pain. I've been there, and I've seen dozens of people in the same position.

I worked for 10 years for a top tier technology consultancy firm. I also spent most of that time looking for a way out.

I started The Hundred Dollar Club while running my own thriving consultancy. I was completely booked out to corporate clients. Business was great, profitable and even pretty enjoyable.

But The Hundred Dollar Club was where my passion lay, and it was a side project.

I know how frustrating it is to be held back from giving your best to your true passion. It sucks.

I needed to find a way to give THDC more attention. I needed to work out whether this could be the main focus of my business.

I now focus my time on The Hundred Dollar Club first, and work with inspiring, amazing people who just need that little help to make things happen.

I've made it my mission to help people unlock their potential and build the business that they truly want.

People like you.

I don’t just coach from my own experience though. I’ve personally built an e-commerce company and a consultancy from scratch, but I’ve learned even more from working with dozens of entrepreneurs in The Hundred Dollar Club.

They’ve built businesses around everything from food tours to copywriting, book editing to jewellery design, cosmetics to event management.

And almost all of those people had a job to deal with at the same time. I’ve got to know a lot about what works and what doesn’t when growing your side business into your full time income.

But enough about me. You probably want to know how I can help you. That’s why you’re here right?

I wish I could say “follow these 5 steps and be financially free in 6 weeks” but you know what ---The truth is, there isn’t a magic fix --- the solution is different for everyone, which is why I work one to one with clients to get maximum results.

My approach is proven to gett to the heart of what you need to progress, based on my 5 step framework:

  • Find The Time

    You will have the time if we look hard enough. Progress can be made in the smallest amounts of time.

  • Do What Matters

    Work out what tasks will make a difference and focus on those. Ignore everything else.

  • Now and Next

    No huge to do lists. Just what you’re working on NOW and what you’re going to do NEXT.

  • Be Productive

    Time is precisous. We work out how you can make the very most of what you have.

  • Big Vision Plan

    We bring everything together into a Vision of where you want to go, and a plan of how you’ll get there.

Every personal coaching client gets:

  • An introductory worksheet for you to tell me about your unique situation
  • One to One coaching sessions via Skype
  • Recordings of all our sessions
  • A personalised report based on the 5 step framework
  • Unlimited email support for the duration of us working together (this is huge for keeping progress happening over time)
  • Accountability and support through The Hundred Dollar Club Facebook Group – Forever.

Your personalised plan will include:

  • Your own personal "time bank" process to create the space you need to do great work
  • Clear prioritisation for YOUR business, so you know what’s important, and what to ignore
  • Your NOW and NEXT steps to get started
  • Your method to get inspired and into flow state more often - Get more done than ever before
  • Your own BIG VISION PLAN to get you from frustrated to flying with your business

We might also throw in a transition plan, a simplified to do list, or a financial plan so you're not eating beans on toast for the next year. Basically, we’ll work out what you need and work together to create it.

You’ll come away from our sessions feeling focussed, clear on the path you need to take, motivated to do big things, and armed with the tools to make them happen.

If you're ready to do this, I've got two options for you:

One Off Kick Start Session

This is a short sharp injection of clarity and focus to your business.

You get the introductory worksheet, a one hour 1-1 session with me, your personalised plan, plus 2 weeks of email support, and unlimited accountability through the Facebook group.

Sometimes all you need is some help to look objectively at your situation, look at all the options and point you on the right path.

It’s great if your budget is tight, but know you need some help, or if you want to check out how I roll before committing longer term.

£175 or $275

One off investment.

Get Started Now

Monthly Momentum Sessions

This gives you the continued support you need to maximise progress.

You get the  introductory worksheet, a one hour 1-1 coaching session every other week, your personalised plan, and email support while ever you’re one of my clients.

We’ll start with a Kick off session the first time we speak, and then go deeper into your business to focus on specific areas each session.

The power of continued support and accountability will transform your rate of progress and put you on a clear path to success with your business.

£250 or $390 / month

No ongoing commitment.

Get Started Now

Here’s the part where I take the risk away for you completely


My friends have called me everything from too generous, crazy or stupid to offer this, but I am going to anyway.

If you’re not completely happy with the value I’ve provided after your first session, I’ll refund all of your money. All I ask is that you tell me honestly why it didn’t work for you.

You won’t find many (if any) other coaches doing that sort of guarantee.

Yes, you’ll find it with big online programmes, where there are thousands of students, but frankly that’s no big deal to those organising the course – they spend no time with you, so it’s not a problem to give back the cash.

I’m so confident I will be able to help you that I’m willing to effectively give you hours of my time for free if it doesn’t help you.

I might be mad offering this, so get in quick before I change my mind. I’d like to believe that THDC readers are a generally awesome bunch of people who wouldn’t abuse a guarantee like this – I hope I can keep it like this forever, but we’ll see.

What people are saying about my coaching:

Rob is bloody brilliant at telling you what you don’t want to hear, and I mean that in a good way.

He won’t pander to you, but he’s supportive at the same time. He’ll be upfront and ask you hard questions, which is perfect if you’re wavering on something. I love his  ”get on with it” attitude – he helped me stop thinking about things too much and get over some hurdles. I really don’t think my business would be where it is today without his help.

Karen Marston, Untamed Writing

I can honestly say that Rob has been instrumental in my quitting my job.

I've moved to Cambodia, starting my online business and started living the life I knew I was born to live.

Rob’s leadership and gentle guidance was the turning point for me in going from ‘wishing’ to ‘doing’. He has this way of ensuring you are not only on track, but on the right track and I will be forever grateful for the part he has played in my business. I can’t recommend his coaching highly enough!

Sonya "Ducky" Duck, Urban Forage

Without Rob’s coaching I would still be stuck in my comfortable, hellish existence.

He helped me to see that I already knew what I needed to do, then got me off my ass to go and do it.

Thaddeaus Moody, Learn, Write, Repeat

I've just been sitting quietly reading your PDF & my personalised plan and I'm so impressed.

And hugely grateful for what you've come up with. I can't tell you how exciting it is to have a vision of where I'm going and some concrete steps to get me get there.

I mean, I've always had a sort of rough idea, but I've never really written down any sort of plan, which explains why I've found it so difficult to visualise sometimes!

Jo Amos, The Wandering Wordsmith

I'd love for you to be the next success story.

If you're ready to start taking your business seriously and making real, meaningful progress, click below and lets get started

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