Real Founders – Claire Pelletreau On Growing Fast And Your First Big Launch

Claire Pelletreau is one of THE emerging names in the Facebook ads world. She’s worked with and consulted for big name clients (you’ve probably seen her work without knowing it) and recently launched a do it yourself guide, to rave reviews.

Last year, she was like many of us THDC folks — running a consulting business as a side gig to a full time job.

A side business that she ultimately began to hate.

Then in May this year, suddenly finding herself with a lot more time to focus on that consulting business, she’s created a whirlwind of success in 2014.

Here’s a very honest, behind the scenes chat with Claire about the realities of running a business, and her first big product launch. (please excuse half of my head being obscured a bit sometimes in the video!)



In the video we talk about

  • How she went from “frantic” with no job in May, to a successful product launch in September 
  • Some juicy numbers from her first product launch, including subscriber numbers and conversion rates
  • How to land and use guest posts and outreach opportunities to grow your influence
  • How undercharging for her first course was a fantastic decision
  • Some instant pointers on how to make Facebook ads work for you business

and lots more.

Links that get a mention:

As usual, if you’ve got questions for Claire, fire them into the comments.