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alive-logo2This post is part of the ALIVE in Berlin Blog Tour, which is spreading the power of ALIVENESS. ALIVE is a global gathering devoted to personal transformation that takes place on the 30th and 31st of May 2014 Berlin. The event will bring together world-class experts, visionaries and change-makers from a variety of communities and disciplines. Together, we’ll explore the common threads that connect us and make us come alive. To learn more and join us, click here.


This is my first time taking part in a “Blog Tour”. I’m not even sure I know what one is. But I’m doing it because I want to support the folks over at Alive in Berlin, who are organising a fantastic event at the end of May.

I actually don’t know the organisers all that well at the moment. So why do this?

I want to support them exactly because I don’t know them so well. And, because what they’re doing is creating something that brings like-minded people together to connect, collaborate and make big things happen.  And I want to be part of it.

If I add my small bit of support, then maybe a couple more people will come to the event. That’s a couple more people I might be able to connect with. If everyone doing the blog tour attracted 2 more attendees, then there’s 30 extra people.

Why all the fuss about connection?

Well, someone famous (Jim Rohn)  once said,

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

I’m not convinced it’s exactly 5, but I do know the more inspiring people you hang out with, the more likely you are to do inspiring things yourself. If you spend time with people that watch a lot of TV, what are you likely to be doing with them? If you just hang out with people who moan about their job… You get the picture.

Connecting in person though – isn’t that a bit old fashioned in the internet age? 


Don’t get me wrong – I spend time emailing, Skyping and chatting with great people from all over the world on a fairly regular basis, but there’s something about in-person contact that just can’t be matched. Perhaps it’s because that, at 37 years old, I’ve spent enough time without the internet not to be a digital native, or perhaps it’s because face-to-face contact is a more general human need.  Whatever the reason, connections made in person tend to be stronger for me.

If I’ve shared a beer or a coffee with someone in real life my interactions with that person in the virtual world will tend to be more nuanced and richer.

So I’m writing this to help promote Alive, so that more people will make richer connections, which I believe in turn will help them do more amazing things.

There’s more to this post than just support though. I think Alive is a brilliant demonstration of what can be done if you want something to happen. The story of the event embodies some of THDC’s core principles:


No one gave Jana authority to do this – she just decided, and started. She picked herself as the leader of this movement and took the initiative. If not Jana, who else was going to do it? Why would they be more qualified? What could they have that she didn’t?


Jana wanted an event in Europe to meet people that previously she’d have to fly to the US for. Instead of wanting it to happen and talking about it, she took ACTION and made it happen.

This wouldn’t have been easy. There is huge amount of hard work involved, and success was not at all certain. Jana was willing to put out the idea into the big, bad world and risk it falling flat. That would have taken courage and a willingness to say, “This might not work, but I’m going to do it anyway.”


Not only is alive about building community, it’s being built BY community.

This isn’t something that can be done, alone, by anyone, no matter who they are.

A strong team has assembled behind this cause – not because they’re being paid, or because their manager tells them to, but because they identify with what the event stands for and want to be part of it.

From the core team of organisers to those like me around the fringes who might just donate a blog post or a tweet, this is something bigger than any one person could build… it’s a movement.

I wrote this post to support a cause I believe in, but also to show a real life example of what’s possible when you give yourself permission, take action and build your team.

What are you going to make happen?

Could someone you meet in Berlin be the missing team member you’ve been searching for?


  • Jana

    It is interesting to read this from your perspective Rob! I don’t like I specifically decided to “take action”; that’s not really how this happened. Yes I did suddenly say “Right, I am going to do this!” but somehow the action came much later :-) It’s a really strange experience and I couldn’t tell you how one makes big things like these happen other than:
    Say it out loud, set a date, then do SOMETHING. The rest will follow ;-) SO SO glad to have you on board. It WILL be EPIC!! <3

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