Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who’s struggling to make things happen? Do all your friends and family laugh at your ideas or tell you that you can’t do it?

Do you wish you had someone who gets it to share your ideas with? Someone to help you figure out your direction or the best way to do something?

Then welcome to the club, you’ve come to the right place.

What We Do

We’re The Hundred Dollar Club. We help each other out. Since getting together, we’ve gotten our individual projects moving, started making money doing what we love, and — excuse us while we slap you with a corny stick — become close friends. Confidantes. Coaches. And a whole bunch of other fabulous things beginning with C. (Except that. We definitely haven’t become that C-Word.)

We’ve helped each other get to where we are today.

And now we want to help you do the same. (You can choose your own destination though. Obviously.)

Our Story

A group of aspiring entrepreneurs were brought together by a random act of generosity when they were given a $100 investment from a stranger in 2012.

Hailing from all corners of the globe with a disparate range of experience, they formed an unexpected and perhaps unlikely coalition. With a shared goal of rejecting the conventional and forging their own path, these change-makers got each other moving in the right direction.

They poked, prodded and pulled each other along. They forced themselves to deliver on promises and keep believing in their goals.

After a year of doing this in a small group, the time has arrived to open THDC up a little. We’re expanding our community and reaching out to help more people like you make the change they want to happen.

Do we sound like your people — or who you wish your people were? Have we done what you want to do?

Well then, You can

we’ve written our ebook just for you.

Download our ebook to read our stories and the steps we took along the way.

Or head on over to our Facebook community and join us there. This is where the action happens and stories get changed.

You could also like our Facebook page to spread the word if that’s your thing

These steps will definitely help you on your journey to and living the life you dream of. (Man, there’s that corny stick again.)

Who We Are

Eight members of the original THDC decided to write personal chapters for our ebook, and three of us decided to take it a step further by writing eight chapters to help you kick start your online business.

Meet the man behind THDC:

robyoung Rob Young
Rob dreamed up the idea for THDC last year, and started the inaugural group by giving away $1000 dollars of his own money to strangers. (He considers it his best investment ever.) You can find out more about him on his blog, Define Refine. If you want to know more about how THDC started, try here. Rob also owns a consulting company which specialises in large eCommerce projects and works with some of the UKs biggest retailers. He’s the driving force behind The Hundred Dollar Club and the man to ask if you have questions.


Who are those other amazing ladies that co wrote the eBook?

karenmarston Karen Marston
Karen’s a professional writer who specialises in smokin’ hot blog posts and web copy that people actually want to read. The Hundred Dollar Club helped her realise the importance of having people on your side who actually get what you want to do and how you can achieve it. Without her THDC buddies, she’d probably still be trying to figure out how to advance her writing career — something she has now done with the creation of Untamed Writing.

gretchenbehnke Gretchen Behnke
Gretchen recently left corporate life where she specialized in business strategy and ecommerce. She now uses her powers for good. Small biz strategist and graphic design enthusiast, she makes do-it-yourself strategy toolkits perfectly crafted for microbusiness. THDC helped her get Instant Strategy off the ground.